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The information below may apply to Mitsubishi Lancer and many other models

Step 4
Mitsubishi Trans Code Reading
Connector Diagram
Auto Repair Manual - How to read codes (No Special Tools Needed)
1 Drive the vehicle until transmission reaches operating temperature.
2 Stop the vehicle, place in park, or neutral and leave vehicle running
Note:Some faults are only read with the engine running.
3 Connect your Voltmeter or LED Tester to the points labelled A and B on the diagram to the left.
4 Read codes as described in the Code Format Description below.
5 Press the continue button to enter the code numbers and get the code description.
Code Format Diagram
Code Format Description
The fault code will be in one of the following Code Formats below. Look for a 4 second flash to distinguish between systems.
A long flash (4s) indicates the start of each code.
The code is made up of five flashes representing either a '0' or a '1'.
Short flashes indicate '0's, longer flashes indicate '1's
Each code is separated by a long pause.
Upper Code Format Diagram shows Binary No. 01000 or code No. 2 as the flash is in the second position.
Each code is made up of two series of flashes.
The long flashes indicate the 'tens' digits.
The short flashes indicate the 'ones' digits.
A long pause separates each code sequence.
Code Format Diagram shows code No. 12.
Short repeating pulses indicate no fault codes present
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Note on Example Model(s): Mitsubishi Lancer
The example model(s) shown, Mitsubishi Lancer for this auto repair service are only an indication to help you. There may be many other models that apply to this connector. Click above link to see the complete vehicle coverage list.

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