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Scan Tool for Codes and Live Data for your Ford Airbag (SRS) from $149.95

The information below may apply to Ford Courier, Probe and many other models

Step 5
Ford SRS Code Reading
Connector Diagram
Connector Diagram
    Some models have the ability to read two types of codes.
    MEMORY codes are those that were detected previously and stored.
    PRESENT codes are those that are existing at the present time.
    Present codes can be read if the SRS light is flashing.
    Memory codes can be initiated by linking the correct pins of the diagnostic connector.
  • Please select the type of codes you want.
Present Codes
  • Present code are codes that exist at the current time
Memory Codes
  • Memory codes are codes that were detected previously and may not be present currently (could be intermittent codes)

Note on Example Model(s): Ford Courier, Probe
The example model(s) shown, Ford Courier, Probe for this auto repair service are only an indication to help you. There may be many other models that apply to this connector. Click above link to see the complete vehicle coverage list.

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