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Kia Engines Diagnostic Connectors

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Kia Engines - Please select the connector for your vehicle from the options below.

OBD2 / EOBD connector

This is an OBD2 / EOBD standard 16 pin data link connector

To get a list of codes that relate to this system click here

This connector is usually located under the driver side dash panel.

Kia Engines Connector 73

Photos of where to find connector in car

Diagnostic Link Connector No. 73

Year range: 1994 to 2009

Locations: Left-hand side of firewall.
Near or in the fuse box, or near the battery.
Next to the airflow meter or battery.

Step 4
Kia EFI Code Reading
Connector Diagram
Connector Location
Please Note:
  • Kia has two methods of retreving codes with some overlap between different models and years.
  • Method One attempts to generate the codes on the Chech Engine Light. We recommend trying this method first.
  • Method Two attempts to generate the codes using a Voltmeter or LED Tester.
Method One
  • Kia 'Method One' using the Check Engine Light.
Method Two
  • Kia 'Method Two' using a Voltmeter or LED tester.
Kia Engines: For a vehicle coverage list Click Here

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