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Hyundai Engines Diagnostic Connectors

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Hyundai Engines - Please select the connector for your vehicle from the options below.

Hyundai Engines Connector 21

Photos of where to find connector in car

Diagnostic Link Connector No. 21

Year range: 1995 to 2009

Locations: Under the drivers side dash panel.
Under the passengers side dash panel.
Under the drivers side kick panel.
Under the passengers side kick panel.

(Hyundai EFI) Use This Connector >
Hyundai Engines Connector 9

Diagnostic Link Connector No. 9

Year range: 1988 to 1996

Locations: In or next to the fusebox under the dash panel.

Step 4
Hyundai EFI Code Reading
Connector Diagram
Method 1 connection diagram
Connector Location
Method 2 connection diagram
Connector Location
Please Note:
  • Hyundai has two different methods of retrieving codes for this connector, you may be able to tell which method to use by checking the terminals in the connector (terminals may only exist for one method not the other).
  • If not, both methods may have to be tried to find the correct one.
  • 'Method 1' is thought to be more common than 'Method 2'.
Method 1
  • Select 'Method 1' if you wish to try Method 1.
Method 2
  • Select 'Method 2' if you wish to try Method 2.
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