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Volvo Fuel Injection Diagnostic Connectors

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Volvo Fuel Injection - Please select the connector for your vehicle from the options below.

Volvo Fuel Injection Connector 21

Diagnostic Link Connector No. 21

Year range: 1995 to 2004

Locations: Under the drivers side dash panel.
In the center console.

Step 4
Volvo EFI Code Reading
Connector Diagram
Connector Location
Choose between the two options below:
850/non turbo 960
  • For 850 with Bosch Motronic or Fenix 5.2 ECM's or non turbo 960:
  • For all other Volvo's with the 16 pin connector:
Volvo Fuel Injection Connector 54

Diagnostic Link Connector No. 54

Year range: 1984 to 1995

Locations: Near the left hand strut tower.

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Volvo Fuel Injection: For a vehicle coverage list Click Here

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