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Scan tools don't always have all of the codes preprogrammed into them. Often a scan tool will give you a code number, but not the description of what the code means.

For example. Your scan tool may give you code C1234 for a Ford vehicle ABS fault with no text explaining the code meaning of the problem area. This service allows you to enter your code number to get the code meaning from our huge database of over 15,000 codes..

Code C1234 = Speed Wheel, Right Front Input Signal Missing

Get Manufacturer Specific Codes (P, C, B and U Codes), plus OBD2 / EOBD codes for North American, Japanese, Korean, European and Australian vehicles.

  • P = Powertrain (Engine and Transmission, example code P1267)
  • B = Body (includes Airbags, example code B0013)
  • C = Chassis (includes ABS brakes, example code C1234)
  • U = Vehicle Network codes, (example code U2023)

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